I was born in Chicago, IL. I received a Bachelor’s degree from the Eastern Illinois University. During my undergraduate studies I had an unforgettable experience studying both painting and drawing at Lorenzo di’Medici, the Art Institute of Florence, Italy. I was one of only two students that tested into the advanced program in both painting and drawing. I earned a Masters of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts and Media from Columbia College Chicago. That was a very formative period since it was a major departure from the more traditional art disciplines and into media and technology as a means of artistic study. Between my studies at Eastern and prior to Columbia College, I spent two years taking night and weekend courses at SAIC [the School of the Art Institute of Chicago]. I completed the program and was awarded a certificate in both painting and drawing. After my many years of learning I took up employment at Columbia College for approximately 10 years in varies roles, landing on the position of Production Coordinator for the largest department in the college, Cinema and television arts. I was able to not only earn a pay but to also develop a deep appreciation for the mediated image and interdisciplinary modes of TV and Film. In all, from 1998 to 2014 I was able to continue learning and honing both my skills and theories of art. (I started my artistic interests very young and upon reaching high school I studied art under an amazing teacher for all four years; spending my senior year in seven periods with this teacher. I took the Advanced Placement exam in Studio Art and received a 5/5.)

    When I’m not working or in my studio making art, I enjoy tending to many plants, cooking, working on my condo and hanging out with my cat, Cypress (named after VanGogh’s cypress trees.)