Dennis Michael Burke
B. 1982. Chicago, Illinois

Dennis Burke was born in 1982 in Chicago, Illinois. He studied art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, LDM the Art Institute of Florence, Italy, and Columbia College of Chicago.
Dennis is an interdisciplinary multimedia artist.
His mediums include painting, drawing, sculpture, print, performance, digital media, video, and installation.
Dennis's creative approach originates from his background in both the arts and construction / labor.
Dennis dives into the complexity of visual narratives by exploring the motifs of masculinity, gender identity, and social / cultural economic status. Dennis questions, explores, and tests how it feels to be a working-class masculine male in an artistic environment. He is determined to reevaluate gender identifications, social-sexual inequalities, and culturally driven roles and what is means to be a contemporary artist. The outcomes generated by the artists is a direct response to change the patriarchal versions of art-history.
His identifiers, conversations about gender and identity, are both an investigation and a critique of what it may or may not mean to be an artist of today. Dennis suggests that meaning be found in his actions, his performance of making, and what lies beneath the finished product. Dennis’s art is process and not just outcome.