Dennis Michael Burke

Welcome to website of a Chicago based interdisciplinary artist, educator, & const./contractor.

February: 2016
- An Interdisciplinary approach involves drawing appropriately from multiple disciplines to redefine problems outside of normal boundaries & reach solutions based on a new understanding of complex situations. Interdisciplinarity involves the combining of two or more academic disciplines into one activity (e.g., a research project). It is related to an interdiscipline or an interdisciplinary field, which is an organizational unit that crosses traditional boundaries between academic disciplines or schools of thought, as new needs & professions emerge. Interdisciplinary instruction entails the use & integration of methods & analytical frameworks from more than one academic study to examine a theme, issue, question or topic. Interdisciplinary education makes use of disciplinary approaches to examine topics, but pushes beyond by: taking insights from a variety of relevant disciplines, synthesizing their contribution to understanding, & then integrating these ideas into a more complete, & coherent, framework of analysis. Interdisciplinary artists examine concepts, forms & techniques from across the fine, performing & media arts. They work with a diverse array of unique & experimental approaches that interrogate artist books, installations, gesture & movement, sound art, durational performance, interactive media, video, performance media, paper-making, electronics, online artwork, performance in artificial spaces, multiples, written, spoken & performed text, DIY strategies & relational art forms.