Dennis Michael Burke is a multimedia interdisciplinary artist who’s creative approach originates from his background in the fine arts, media/technology, and building construction. Dennis was born in 1982 in Chicago, Illinois. He studied fine arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, LDM the Art Institute of Florence, Italy; and Columbia College Chicago.
Much of Dennis’ work examines male identity in contemporary culture and explores masculinity as a set of symbols, attributes, behaviors, and roles associated with the male sex. Burke's prolific body of work deconstructs and reconstructs preconceptions of male identity alongside masculinity as a sociological construct influenced by both cultural values and biological factors. Dennis pulls from a plethora of sources that include: mythology, popular culture, the film industry, television, athletics, art history, fictional narratives, pornography, theories on body image, and more. His mediums include painting, drawing, sculpture, print, performance, digital media, video, and installation. It is of some significance to note that Dennis’ employment history throughout his studies consisted primarily with working in the building trades and heavy manual labor. This extensive experience or relationship with construction informs much of Dennis’ thinking and technical approach. The work is as much about the final outcome as it is about the physical activity of creation.

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